Yoga + Journaling

Combine mindful movement with periods of stream-of-consciousness journaling to self-reflect and gain new clarity. Our instructors will guide you through a gentle sequence as well as some thoughtful journal prompts to gain insights into your inner experience. Journal entries are just for you and will not be shared with the group. No experience needed. 

Student testimonial from Jim:

"Before attending the Yoga and Journaling class at RTB, I was not quite sure what to expect and how the two would work together in a class. Amber started the class with a brief meditation and read through some poetry. After the reading was finished, we were invited to journal about our day so far for two minutes. This was a great opportunity to put into words the anxieties of the day thus far to clear them out of the mind and bring us into the present moment. I liken this to keeping a journal at one’s bedside and journalizing thoughts if awoken in the middle of the night to help alleviate anxieties and return to sleep. Journaling is a great way to let unnecessary thoughts go from the mind.

Next, we went through some gentle asana to help warm up the body for a few minutes. At that time, Amber read another passage through the book and had us journal for a minute or two on a certain topic. This was repeated a few more times in class.

To clarify, at no time were any of the journals shared. The journals remain private for the student. RTB strives to honor the student to help them feel secure and welcome.

This class offering at RTB makes perfect sense with the connection that the yoga studio has with Center. The topics that we journaled on in class were similar to topics that a therapist would work on with their client (e.g. journaling about memories of childhood, words of wisdom that your present day self would share with your younger self, etc.). The journal topics change from class to class. It really provides a great opportunity for self-examination. I highly recommend this class!"