Photo by Madeline Northway

Stasia has been studying yoga for over a decade, and began practicing asana 6 years ago.  The practice has guided her from stiffness and inflexibility to lightness and mobility, through anxiety and insomnia to clarity of mind and restful sleep.  Through awareness of her breath, she gained the ability to perceive her thoughts and emotions with more objectivity and levity.  With discipline and perseverance, the practice of yoga created space for Stasia to develop greater integrity, intuition, and compassion.  

Her classes emphasize alignment and breath to create strength in the body and ease in the mind.  Stasia empowers her students to reconnect to their bodies and realize their own intentions through the practice of yoga.  She incorporates breathing techniques, meditations, and yogic philosophy into her sequences for classes that are balanced, creative, and memorable.

Stasia received her 200-hour certification from Moksha Yoga in Chicago and is currently completing certification through Yoga to Transform Trauma. Connect with her at