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An Evening of Yoga Therapy for Lower Back Health


with Renee Zambo, yoga therapist

The lumbar spine and sacrum are common areas for compression and pain. Whether built up over time or acutely, this pain can affect many aspects of our lives, and keep us from doing what we love.

Yoga Therapy can be immensely impactful for healing low back pain. This special evening will detail how to move and transition safely, access support from the feet, legs, and abdominals, and adjust your yoga practice with modifications, props, and alignment cues in common yoga postures.

Topics covered will include:

  • Optimal postures for low back relief

  • Sitting, standing, and walking alignment

  • Safe transitions up and down

  • Breathing techniques for abdominal and pelvic floor support

  • Modifications and adaptations in common yoga poses and flows

  • Tools for a home practice

This workshop is open all levels, including those with very little to no yoga experience.

Cost: $40