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Exploring the Koshas: Nourishment at all Levels of Being


With Chelsea Brown

Vedic texts describe the Self as being composed of five interwoven layers or sheaths, known as the koshas. The physical body is the outermost sheath, followed in turn by the breath, the thinking mind, wisdom, and at the very center there is Bliss. Yoga practice has the power to nourish and transform us at each of these interwoven levels through movement, breathing, meditation, creativity, and guided rest. Join Chelsea Brown in this special class designed to help you connect with yourself at these deeper layers of being. Yoga poses and creative movement will be used to connect to the physical, while introductory breathing exercises and meditation will help guide you to connect more deeply to your subtle layers of self. This unique offering will also include deep, guided relaxation to move through each layer with heightened awareness as well as an opportunity to express yourself through creatively through artwork and writing.

Cost: $35

Earlier Event: September 20
Restorative Yoga & Journaling