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Yoga For Queer Bodies: A Six Week Series


This is a six-week series that is a brave and loving space for those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community, or those who identify as gender or sexually diverse. Folx in the process of questioning their gender and sexuality are also welcome. This is a space to center and cultivate queer voices. Therefore, it is not a space for allies.

Themes for the six-week course:

  1. Relationship with Body

  2. Expression

  3. Self-Love

  4. Empowerment

  5. Solidarity

  6. Continuing Self-Care

Time is divided by 1 hour of yoga, and 30 minutes of discussion.

Space is limited to 7 participants. The six-week series is $275. If you need to discuss a payment plan, please email us at

Some of the themes we will discuss are sensitive and can be activating or challenging. Because we support our students wholeheartedly, Meredith Stockton, LCSW, will be  on-call during this series to assist in processing any emotions that may arise.