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Support Group for Yogis


With Cami Beauregard, LPC

This group will be a powerful tool for Room to Breathe students who are looking for clinical support in their yoga practice. Center CBM and Room to Breathe Yoga strive to give a voice to varied experiences by providing a space to be heard, appreciated and accepted. This unique opportunity offers a safe space for students to deepen their level of self-awareness, foster hope in all, and provide experiences that shine light on the interconnectivity of the community. Members are encouraged to work through reactions and responses that they experience in the yoga classroom, but are welcome to bring any issues to the group they feel are important to their growth.  

Group will meet every other week starting October 4. Insurance may cover all or a portion of the cost.


Cami is a licensed professional counselor who provides psychotherapy for clients who are struggling to find their inner voice. She is a graduate of The Family Institute at Northwestern University where she earned her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She helps clients develop a loving self image while building skills such as self-advocacy, mindfulness, and emotional-regulation. She provides cognitive behavioral therapy while integrating aspects of acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness and other solution-focused skills. Cami and her clients work to manage experiences and emotions that affect everyday life; to live a life of more authentic congruence with the clients values.

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