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Yoga for Addiction Recovery: A Five Week Series

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with Natalie McGreal, E-RYT, and Anne Carter, LCSW

Thursday evenings starting July 26 from 5:15-7:15p

Addiction does not discriminate, it affects people of all ages, genders, social and economic backgrounds. Active addiction is a habit of "reaching" for something, be it drugs, alcohol, gambling or a smart phone, etc. When stuck in the cycle of addiction we are constantly reaching for outside sources to help us feel soothed, secure and whole. Yoga shows us that often what we are yearning and grasping for already resides in abundance within.

A balanced yoga practice can help us to feel soothed, secure and whole via our inner wisdom and strength. Yogic philosophy offers guidance on how to live a purposeful and fulfilling life and can be a perfect accompaniment to 12 step programs.

This 5 week series will offer an introduction to the practice of yoga, and tools to support you on your journey of recovery. 

~Week 1 you will learn about yoga, it's liberating "8 fold path" and what makes it ideal for healing addictive behaviors. Come prepared for some light lecture and a yoga practice that includes a sequence you can take home with you.

~In the following weeks, each session will begin with a yoga practice filled with relevant concepts, and themes useful to recovery. Class will also incorporate light journaling, and other helpful tools that can be used on and off the yoga mat. Practice will be followed by a peer sharing circle led by Natalie and Anne.

~You are not required to have an addiction or identify as an addict to participate

~You will not be required to share details about your life 

~Regardless of your situation, your preferred substance(s), how addicted you may or may not be, you are welcome here 

~Participation is optional

~This series is for anyone who is interested in learning about how yoga can be implemented in a program of recovery

Cost: $230; payment plans available (email for details)