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Tea Meditation


With Suzette Hammond

For thousands of years, the quiet spirit of tea has been used as an intuitive guide for meditation. Tea calms the busy, anxious mind. It grounds the body and connects us to our senses. It teaches us to listen to our instinct and to trust our reactions. In this peaceful, introspective class, we’ll explore

  • Basic info about tea (a newbie’s guide!)
  • How and why tea is used in meditation
  • Creating an easy to follow, highly adaptable practice
  • Choosing teas for your personal needs and support
  • Understanding the effects of tea on the body and mind during meditation

No prior meditation experience is necessary. Cups and a variety of teas will be provided. It’s recommended to eat a light meal before this workshop, and avoid heavy/sleepy foods right before - we’ll be meditating, after all! Printed handout material will be provided. Please note: These are traditional “true teas” from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and not herbal or medicinal teas. They have some natural caffeine. Participants will be guided on how to self-regulate within their comfort zone. Unlike many herbal teas, there are no major contraindications for Camellia sinensis tea. For more information about tea meditation training, visit

Cost: $20/person

About Suzette: The art of teaching and training tea – for a living and for life.” This is the work of Being Tea, founded by Suzette Hammond. For 15 years, Suzette has traveled extensively as a professionally working tea trainer. Along the way, she realized her clear passion is shepherding connections through tea. After more than a decade in training management and director roles for leading tea companies, Suzette created Being Tea, offering Sensory Skills Workshops, Teacher Training and Tea Mindfulness Therapy. She collaborates with World Tea Academy, World Tea Expo, and Tea Journey Magazine. She also judges for the Global Tea Championship, and teaches at the Northwest Tea Festival, the Midwest Tea Festival, and other regional and national events. You can connect with Suzette at