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Attitude of Abundance


with Natalie McGreal

In an abundant mindset we feel confident, inspired and plentiful. We share what we have with others joyfully and with ease. Our lives feel full and without limits.
Existing  within a mindset of lack can look like fear of failure, comparing ourselves to others and feeling as though there are no opportunities in life. This mindset can cause us to feel anxious, disheartened and like we shouldn't even try. These are all symptoms of a scarcity mentality. The practice of yoga is a wonderful vehicle for moving away from a scarcity mentality and into a mentality of abundance. On our mats we have a safe place to build confidence, connect with gratitude, feed and inspire creativity and to realize our wholeness.
This class will offer tools for shifting perspective and get us out of a "grass is always greener on the other side" mindset and into a "the grass is greenest where you water it" way of life! 

Cost: $35