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SOLD OUT Intro to Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy

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With Renee Zambo, Yoga Therapist

Reconnect with the physical and psycho-emotional attributes of your pelvic floor. Our pelvis is responsible for many functions, from shaping our musculoskeletal framework, to housing our reproductive organs, as well as parts of the digestive and elimination systems. The pelvis is also an immensely impactful energy center in the Yogic tradition. Because of it’s significance, the pelvis can be easily misunderstood, or improperly utilized.

This workshop will bring awareness to the beauty of your pelvic floor. Yoga Therapy techniques such as a self assessment tool will establish proper alignment and body awareness of your pelvis. A movement practice will repattern how we engage our pelvic floor muscles, and how to consciously relax. Aspects of fluidity, sensitivity, and Yoga’s view of feminine energy will be woven throughout.

Expect to learn:

  • Yoga Therapy assessments for balancing the pelvis
  • Techniques for pelvic floor engagement and release
  • Hip opening postures

Mudras, breath work, and affirmations for the second chakra