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Gifts of Embodiment


with Angie Starz

The physical body is a gift that so many of us take for advantage. We look at the skin we’re in and pick apart the areas that don’t live up to the standards mainstream media has set. We choose to compete and compare. We’re taught to hide for fear of putting ‘too much’ out there. When we sense pain, we ignore it or pop a painkiller. When we feel tired, we push through or chug caffeine. This silent cycle of neglect and abuse can lead to disembodiment and disassociation. Sadly, this usually happens slowly and unconsciously until we don’t even remember what it’s like to be at home in the precious body we’ve been given. Disembodiment can show up in so many ways:
• Not being able to sense when you’re hungry, tired, sick or in pain
• Uncertainty about how to nourish yourself
• Inability to hear the feedback your body is giving you during yoga or other movement modalities
• Clumsiness
• Struggling to lose or gain weight
• Discomfort when looking in the mirror or compulsion to always look in the mirror
• Inability to isolate muscular engagement in group classes like yoga
• Confusion when given directions for movement based activities
• Feeling scattered and ungrounded
• Feeling awkward or embarrassed about your body
• Self loathing

In this workshop, we start to rekindle one of the most important relationships we have – the relationship with the physical body where the mind and heart reside. Through my signature system that utilizes movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness practices and journaling, participants will:
• Sharpen the skill of awareness
• Develop stronger proprioception (ability to sense the movement + position of one’s own body)
• Tap into interoception (ability to sense from the inside out)
• Get really honest about limiting beliefs surrounding the physical body and begin the process of letting those go
• Discover the gifts of embodiment they may not have even realized they were missing out on
• Leave with a customized plan to continue feeling more and more at home in their body

This empowering workshop balances lecture and experience with plenty of space for conversation. It is accessible to all levels and not limited to yoga practitioners.

Cost: $40