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Yoga for Anxiety: A Six-Week Series

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with Nicole Vitale

Anxiety is an unique and individual experience based on how we perceive and react to stress or any given situation.  In this six week series, learn simple practices and routines to assist in managing your anxiety.  Through breathwork, meditation, journaling, yoga nidra, and slow movement you will be guided through a weekly practice that you can take home with you.

Often we are called to manage our anxiety in an instant, in a public space, where it may be necessary to use breathwork or simple movement in a very discreet way.  Sometimes the most useful tools are the ones we need to use quickly, where you may want to keep these practices to yourself and personal to you.  These ideas and routines will be discussed and approached.  

The intention of this series, is to teach you a number of modalities and slow movement sequences to ease the mind and body, but also to leave you with the simple tools to apply these practices throughout your day, potentially everyday, in the most challenging moments, when needed the most.

Cost: $180