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Rewriting Your Self-Contracts: Shed Limiting Beliefs & Empower Your Life

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With Melissa Renzi

Need a boost to take charge of your life? The relationships we have with ourselves and others are based on “contracts” or agreements. Beneath these contracts live our beliefs, which can either be limiting or empowering. Our beliefs have a significant impact on how we see ourselves, others, and the world at large.  

In this workshop, we’ll explore our limiting beliefs and rewrite our self-contracts using reflective exercises, interactive discussion, and mindfulness techniques. We’ll move through a brief yoga class designed to awaken self-compassion and resilience.

This workshop is for you if:

+ You want to strengthen your commitment to yourself.

+ You’re ready to change unhealthy ways of thinking.
+ You feel parts of your life are misaligned with your values.
+ You find yourself shrinking your voice in relationship to others.
+ You benefit from the support of other sensitive souls like you.
+ You’d like greater intimacy and meaning in your relationships.

**We expect this workshop will sell out quickly, so register now to reserve your spot.**

Cost: $35