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Yoga Retreat to Cambodia with Pierce and Rachel

Cambodia Yoga Retreat 2019.jpg

About this trip

Get ready to restore and explore with a week of quietude, reflection and beautiful surroundings. Daily yoga, meditation, and much much more are in store for you on this 6 night 5 day retreat.

Join Rachel & Pierce in beautiful Cambodia, as they return to host their second retreat in Kampot at Les Manguiers.

Leave your worries at home as you travel to the remote, beautiful town of Kampot, where the river and the sea meet in a small fishing and tourist town.  You'll enjoy the comfortable bungalows, amazingly fresh food, and sip many mango smoothies throughout the week.

Pierce's knowledge from 5 previous trips here will give you valuable insight into the places, experiences, and spirit of the people. You'll eventually know why he stayed so long the first time he stumbled upon this destination.

There are many options for those looking to stay active, and many options for those that want to keep things low key. We like doing both and will point you in the right direction.

Why should I go???

Because you're the type of person that deserves to spend a tropical week far far away from home to focus on regenerating and cultivating more of YOU. This isn't just another vacation, this is an experience for your soul.  This trip is really about the journey and who you become after.

Travel enlightens humanity 

Yoga makes you whole again 

These two things (plus an endless supply of exotic fresh fruit, salt water, sunny days and good people) help change us. And when you see the world, experience other cultures, and truly experience yourself, then you can bring that back home