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Managing Depression with Yoga


This workshop series is appropriate for anyone who experiences depression, whether seasonally or long-term.  Each week, you will practice techniques to self-soothe and balance mood and energy. The teacher will address various symptoms of depression (fatigue, lack of motivation, low self-image, digestive issues, and more) and how they are seen through the yogic lens of the 5 koshas,or layers.  You will learn tools to work within each koshato identify and address these symptoms. The workshop will include postures and movements (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation techniques.  You will also learn about yoga philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras, and how these ancient teachings can be helpful in reframing thought process and cultivating peace of mind.  No yoga experience is necessary.  Come as you are, wear comfortable clothing, and bring a notebook or journal.

Each 90-minute session will include 45 minutes of gentle movement, breathing, and meditation practice, and 45 minutes of yogic philosophy and lifestyle discussion. 

Topics covered include:

  • Physical postures to uplift energy

  • Breathing techniques

  • The importance of words (self-languaging, affirmations, journaling)

  • Reframing negative thoughts

  • Lifestyle practices

Cost: $250

About the teacher:

Whitney, certified yoga therapist and trauma-informed yoga teacher, has specialized training in mood management and chronic pain.  She studied under Amy Weintraub, founder of Life Force YogaâHealing Institute, and Genevieve Yellin, founder of Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYTÔ).  Whitney was diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a young adult, and has been using yogic techniques and lifestyle to self-regulate for 10+ years.  She believes strongly in the power of yoga as a complementary treatment for many conditions, and she understands that treatment will be different for every individual; each person experiences their own unique process.  This workshop will offer you a variety of tools from which to choose and incorporate into everyday life.  


“Whitney is very clear in her teachings and does a great job relating the yoga practices to our modern lives.  I found this class incredibly helpful.”  -Erika 

“My biggest takeaway is that I can take control of my body, energy, and breath…very valuable when growing my own practice.” -Susan

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