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The Prana Practice

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with Angie Starz

For thousands of years, mankind has acknowledged that we are more than just physical beings, that we have an inherent relationship with the unseen world around us. Yogis call this relationship an exploration of the energetic body, scientists call it Quantum Physics. Whatever you call it, understanding that we are multidimensional beings is a game changer. Reconnecting with yourself on an energetic level is a life changer.
In this workshop, students will:
• Engage with the energetic perspective of Yoga and the science that backs it up
• Gain a better understanding of their energetic anatomy by diving into Yogic philosophy in a totally approachable (and enjoyable!) way
• Explore practices that build energy, manage energy and heal the energetic body
• Experience The Prana Practice – a unique blend of movement, breathwork, meditation and relaxation to soothe the energetic body and the nervous system
• Develop a customized Prana Practice to utilize consistently in order to maintain a healthy relationship with the energetic body

Cost: $40

Later Event: April 8
Attitude of Abundance