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Yoga for Transitions: Tools to Move Beyond Anxiety and Fear


A Room to Breathe workshop in the Chicago outdoors with Melissa Renzi

What does the word transition bring up for you?

Chances are you’re probably experiencing some kind of life transition right now if you’re a growing human being. We experience vulnerability after the loss of a loved one, a job change, traumatic experience, between stages of life, when ending a relationship, and so forth.Transitions are part of life and these times of change and uncertainty often trigger anxious feelings.  And if you’re a yoga practitioner, you know that transitions between certain yoga poses can also be quite daunting and frustrating.

Most of us respond by holding our breath, avoiding uncomfortable experiences, and moving through with haste. Despite knowing deep down that transition can be a time of opportunity, sometimes find ourselves feeling lost.

So what do we do during physical or emotional transitions? How do we respond?

Come explore a range of yoga tools to transition gracefully and move beyond anxiety and fear. 

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the meaning of transition, why fear surfaces, and approaches for managing challenging transitions. We’ll learn a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, and tangible actions to transition between common yoga poses with greater ease. And we’ll move through a nourishing yoga practice surrounded by the healing nature of the outdoors.

Join us if:

  • You’re in the midst of a life transition and could benefit from support.
  • You’d like to learn specific techniques to transition safely and effectively between yoga poses.
  • You want to explore mindfulness tools to ease anxiety and fear of uncertainty.
  • You desire to connect with like-minded individuals in a lovely outdoor setting.
  • You’re feeling open to new ways of approaching the transitions of your life.

Date & Time: Saturday, September 30, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Location: Belmont Harbor Peninsula, near pavilion (see map)

Price: $35

Later Event: October 6
First Fridays: Restorative Yoga