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The Art of Relaxation

with Natalie McGreal

True relaxation calls for certain effort. Join Natalie for a workshop focused on the practice of letting go. Together, we’ll explore different techniques to quiet the mind, and loosen the body in order to prepare for a deeper relaxation. Pranayama, self-care/ massage, and gentle and restorative asana (postures) will come together to take you away from daily stresses and into a more serene body and mind. 

Have you ever wished you could receive massage and body work daily? Natalie, a licensed massage therapist will share self-care and massage techniques for releasing restricted fascia, soothing tension headaches, and promoting general wellness. You will walk away from this afternoon empowered with new tools to be your own advocate on the path of wellness and relaxation.

Prior yoga experience not necessary; warm, loose fitting clothing is. Leave watches, jewelry and tight pony tails at home, bring the willingness to cultivate your own inner peace.

Cost: $35