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Beginner’s Philosophy: Practical, Modern Yogic Wisdom

With Serena Brommel

How do the physical practices of yoga postures and breathing techniques relate to the deeper work of resolving emotions and inducing mental clarity? This workshop aims to demonstrate the clear linkages between the primary tools of breath-centric yoga and the foundations of meditation.

Join Serena for an exploration of techniques and a discussion of the theories that drive them. Develop a deeper understanding of what you’re doing on the mat that will help enrich your personal practice and build momentum for deeper, more effective yoga.

Through our practice and conversation we will:

  • Learn how breath-centric yoga develops concentration
  • Explore energy from a yogic perspective
  • Look for stillness through opposing movement
  • Conceive the mind as a field of movement that we can actively influence
  • Discuss common misconceptions that may impede our growth

This is not an advanced practice; all techniques we explore will be accessible to newer students. A little prior yoga experience will be helpful, but it is not required. Wear comfortable clothing for gentle movement, and a pad and pen in case you want to take notes.

Cost: $35