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Yoga and Breakfast Club

Breakfast and Yoga Club Dec 9.png

For this seasonal winter edition, Delphine from the food blog Del’s Cooking Twist and Stéphanie invite you to explore the universe of the first chakra, Muladhara through mindful movements, meditation and healthy nutritious food.

The whole experience, from the yoga flow to each recipes will be designed to refresh your connection to the root energy center and help you strengthen and balance this particular chakra.

We will begin by a 60’ morning yoga practice focused on anchoring us, bringing in the Earth element, to cultivate a sense of grounding in our bodies and mind. The practice will also focus on enhancing the immune system, bone health and promoting both physical and mental calm and stability.

Then, we will all share a healthy vegetarian breakfast, full of earthy foods and clean plant based protein. Using seasonal ingredients particularly relevant to the root chakra, this breakfast will come as a great complement to our yoga session.

At a turning point of the year, come share this mindful morning with us and leave, feeling centered, vibrant and balanced.

Cost $40/person



About our Chef: Delphine is the blogger behind Del’s cooking twist, also author of “25 Healthy Everyday Recipes” . Visit her blog and download your FREE e-book here