Sarah Rodino


I teach yoga to empower students to tune into a sense of peace within themselves. I first tried yoga when I was in high school and found it to be a healthy outlet for stress and a great way to connect with myself and something greater. As time passed and a consistent practice formed, yoga became more than just a healthy outlet. To me, yoga was an incredible tool to learn more about myself and other beings and how to live a full life.  After college, I completed my yoga teacher training at Moksha Yoga, where I discovered a love of meditation. During my training, I completed an in-depth thesis workshop on Yoga for Lower Back Care. My classes include gentle flow, body awareness and anatomy education, and practical elements of yoga philosophy so that you can take your practice off the mat and into your life. My classes are psychologically sensitive, drawing on my study of psychology at DePaul University. It is my hope that students will leave class with a greater awareness of how to cultivate their own inner peace of mind and soak up each present moment.