Photo by Madeline Northway

To Fernie, practicing yoga was never about the physical benefits. It’s about learning to accept who you are and what you’re capable of each time you come to the mat. She believes that yoga is about meeting the better version of yourself each time, in each asana. To Fernie, yoga is meditation.

Students can expect a class that provides a guided meditation and an intelligent sequence of asanas guided by breath, in a comfortable and supportive environment where compassion toward self is encouraged. Fernie teaches with a trauma-informed approach, recognizing that each of us have experiences that make us individually unique. She strives to meet each student where they're at, and encourages her students to extend their practice beyond their mats.

Fernie is forever grateful for her teachers, James Tennant and Jim Bennitt, for helping her develop a deeper understanding of yoga, and for continuing to inspire her to live authentically and teach from the heart. She continues her studies with Jim and James. Other influences include James Fox of Prison Yoga Project, David Emerson of the Justice Research Institute, Mark Lilly of Street Yoga and Hala Khouri. Fernie teaches at Tejas Yoga, Room to Breathe and EAC, as well as in rehab centers, jails, homeless shelters and after- school programs.