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You’re busy. You want to practice yoga when there are not public yoga classes offered. You want to access our specialized psych-sensitive style from anywhere in the world. You feel more comfortable practicing in your own space. We get it.

That’s why we designed a menu of online courses just for you. You can choose your class by theme, style, or teacher. If you’re a regular student, you can use your class packages to purchase classes.

We want the online experience to offer the same connection and reflection that our in-person classes are known for. That’s why each course comes with a full, narrated video, journal reflection (downloadable), and a yoga snack (mini audio practice) to keep the theme alive for you. Enjoy!

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The Three As: Gentle Yoga for Survivors of Trauma with Natalie McGreal (45 min)

This is a gentle yoga class appropriate for anyone, particularly survivors of trauma. In this soothing sequence, you’ll explore these necessary components of growth. Over time you may find yourself instinctually utilizing the 3 A's on your yoga mat, and in your daily life as well.

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Letting Go: Gentle Yoga with Kathleen Katsikeas (45 min)

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Remembering: Gentle Yoga with Kathleen Katsikeas (45 min)

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