Photo by Madeline Northway

Teaching yoga was not always on my radar - practicing wasn’t either. Sitting still was not something that was natural to me, a busy body from birth. It took a series of twists and turns and leaps of faith to eventually get here. Before I was a yoga teacher, I was a licensed massage therapist for almost ten years. Though I am no longer a massage therapist by trade, bodywork is still a huge part of my life and work. Anatomical knowledge and mindful incorporation of adjustments are just two of the many ways my massage practice has influenced and informed my teaching practice.

One of my greatest passions is self care, and self massage. Taking ownership of our bodies to support healing, manage physical pain, and to cultivate relaxation are real gifts, and I love sharing these gifts with people. I believe that self care and relaxation are vital to being the best version of ourselves. One of my greatest accomplishments so far as a teacher who values self care, restoration and relaxation is co-founding the first yoga festival dedicated to relaxation, Relaxapalooza.

Practicing yoga allows one to connect body, mind and spirit, and overcome any obstacles in the way of a balanced, mindful and productive life. My goal for each class is to create a space for students to cultivate and realize their own strengths and intentions, and to connect with their teacher within. I received my 200 and 500 hour teacher certifications through Moksha Yoga Center, and was certified as a trauma informed yoga teacher through Yoga to Transform Trauma.

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