Welcome to your new urban sanctuary! 

Here are some tips for what to expect at the studio.

Due to our limited space and commitment to small class sizes, pre-registration is required for all classes in order to save your spot. You can pre-register by clicking on the calendar or by emailing us at info@roomtobreathechicago.com

Where are you located?
We are in the Chicago Loop, steps from nearly every form of public transportation (and likely your office!), near the corner of State and Washington. We are located in the 25 E Washington Building, Suite 1025A

What kind of yoga is this?
Our instructors come from all different backgrounds, but have a few things in common: they are all extremely well-trained, experienced, and sensitive. Our classes focus less on fitness and more on relaxation, gentle movement, breath work, and visualization. Our intention is to help you release stress, connect with yourself deeply, and feel great. 

What do I need to bring?
We have props and mats for you at the studio! Simply bring yourself!

How do I register for classes?
You can register for all classes through the Schedule section of our website. Due to our limited space and commitment to small class sizes, pre-registration is required for all classes in order to save your spot. You can pre-register by clicking on the calendar or by emailing us at info@roomtobreathechicago.com

Can I just show up for class without pre-registering?
We have a small space, and we're really committed to making the experience as relaxing as possible. For this reason, you must pre-register in order to attend class. If you'd like to pay at the time of class, shoot us an email at info@roomtobreathechicago.com to reserve your space. 

How much do classes cost? Do you have class packages?
Single, regular weekly classes are $18 per session. You can purchase a 10-pack for $150 or a 20-pack for $240 (reducing the cost per class to $14/class). You can see all purchase options here. Special events, one-time classes, or special series have unique pricing. 

What if I'm new to yoga?
Great! All of our classes are multi-level and all are welcome. If you have questions before or after class, don't hesitate to ask your instructor or email us at info@roomtobreathechicago.com.

I'm not sure yoga is right for me.
That's OK! We are happy that you're interested and would like to give it a try. Trying something new can be intimidating, and we want to make it as easy as possible! You may set up a time to tour the studio before scheduling your session, and you're welcome to set up a time to speak directly with your instructor and discuss any questions you have. We are friendly, non-judgmental, and happy to have you. Email info@roomtobreathechicago.com if you'd like to set something up.

What should I wear? Do you have changing rooms?
Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes work best for yoga. Anything you can move in would be fine! You may change clothes in the bathroom, which is down the hall from the studio. However, you'll need to stop by the studio to pick up a key. For a seamless experience, we suggest you come changed and ready for class.

What's your cancellation policy if I book class or workshop but then can't make it. 
Please give us at least 2 hours' notice for regular classes so we may give your spot to another customer. We require 24 hours' notice for workshop cancellation. Check out all of our policies in more detail here and don't hesitate to email us if you have questions or special situations (info@roomtobreathechicago.com)

What if I have an injury, health condition, or am pregnant?
Check with your health care team first to determine if yoga is appropriate for you. Learn from your team what, if any, techniques or movements to avoid. Then please let your teacher know prior to class of any restrictions so that he/she can be aware. You are ALWAYS welcome to skip or modify a pose based on your own needs and comfort.

What if I have a serious chronic illness or disability (mental or physical)? If you have a serious illness (mental or physical) or disability, you are WELCOME HERE to all of our programming. We simply ask that you (1) get medical clearance from your healthcare team and (2) bring an assistant with you for the safety of you and of our community. There is no charge for this assistant to attend with you. We welcome you with open arms. We are here for you and we believe in your unique perspective and honor your voice.

What is Center (ChicagoCBM)?
We are a part of Center, an integrative psychotherapy practice. Check out Center here.

What if I'm early for class?
Our instructors are typically at the studio and ready to greet you 15 minutes prior to the class. If you happen to arrive before then, you are welcome to wait in the Center's waiting room, located in Suite 1025. Head over to class when you're ready.

I need my own space. Policy on hands-on adjustments?
As we are connected to a psychotherapy practice, our instructors are very sensitive to individual needs, both physically and psychologically. We have cards in the studio that indicate your preference for adjustments. On one side they say "Adjustments are OK" and on the other "No Adjustments Today". This gives you, as student the ability to set a boundary if you need just a little more room to breathe one day...or every day!

Can I see the space / meet the teacher prior to class? 
Sure! Email us at info@roomtobreathechicago.com to set up a tour. 

Do you offer private sessions? 
Yes! Many of our teachers offer private or small-group sessions in the space, and we can accommodate a range of needs and preferences. Contact info@roomtobreathechicago.com for more information.

Can I rent your space?
Yes! Our space is for rent to other conscious practitioners to host seminars,  private yoga sessions, and special events.  Contact info@roomtobreathechicago.com to set up your rental.