Evelin Gomez, Yoga Teacher


About 15 years ago Evelin began suffering from an anxiety disorder.  It was a terrifying and often debilitating experience.  Medication offered some relief but the side effects proved to be nearly as intolerable as the affliction.  A good friend of hers who was a doctor suggested that she stop taking the prescribed medicine and try to control her anxiety through yoga.  She trusted him and already had an interest in eastern philosophy and decided to take his advice.  The first time she tried it she felt great physically and mentally.  She continued to practice at home until she found her first teacher.  Fortunately, through yoga she was able to subdue my symptoms.  She became very dedicated to her practice and her interest in learning more about yoga grew stronger.

Throughout the years she tried many different yoga styles and eventually gained her 200-hour teaching certification through Moksha.  She has also completed teacher training for Breath Walk at Kundalini in the Loop and children's yoga through Rainbow Kids.  Over the past few years her practice has become more internal with a focus on the breath & meditation.  She now notices her mind calmer, clearer and more focused.  Her goal is to continue to foster this aspect of yoga in her life and learn to better serve her students, family and friends. 

Evelin has learned from a great number of teachers over the years and especially finds herself drawn towards the Krishnamacharya lineage.  In particular, Rod Stryker and Serena Roschman have had a great influence on the way she teaches and practices.