Emily is passionate about partnering with fellow humans to explore, discover, and heal in creative and meaningful ways. She is excited by challenge and curiosity, and aims to live in pursuit of experiences that offer a sense of growth and awe. Emily has degrees in fiction writing and social work that combine for a unique and dynamic approach to connection and communication, and inform her unique style of guiding yoga movement, meditation, and breath practice.

Emily completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogaview Chicago and has subsequently completed several trauma-informed yoga trainings. She regularly practices and trains with her teachers at Yogaview and elsewhere to constantly continue the learning process.

Emily is also a psychotherapist in a group practice where she designs and leads yoga and meditation classes.

Emily found her way to yoga sixteen years ago while living in Eugene, OR as a college freshman and was instantly drawn to the stillness and spaciousness that asana and meditation offered. Since then, she has continued to practice various styles of yoga, including Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Emily believes in the power of community to create space for taking risks, exploring deeper parts of ourselves, and coming closer to the truth.

Emily is so exited to be part of the Room to Breathe family and she is thrilled to share her ongoing study of yoga movement and philosophy with everyone who comes to practice.