Chelsea Brown, Yoga Teacher

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Chelsea Brown, ERYT, RCYT, has been joyfully working as a yoga teacher in the Chicago area since 2011.  She found the practice as a young teen seeking a place of nourishment and stability, and had the serendipitous opportunity to learn under the mentorship of master teacher Tricia Fiske from her first class on through teacher training at Prairie Yoga in Lisle, IL.  Chelsea marvels at the bottomless depth of wisdom available in studying yogic philosophy, which has kept her enraptured for over a decade. Her persistent pursuit of study, self-practice, and ongoing education informs her classes with layers of instruction meant to guide students into a rich and fulfilling relationship to their subtle bodies and offer a pathway to Inner Stillness. Chelsea strives to offer safe space for students to explore their practice at whatever level and pace that serves them the most, and takes a creative and playful approach to asana that allows room for students to investigate their own unique abilities.  She encourages her students to use the physical aspect of the practice to help nourish their bodies in preparation to connect more deeply with their innate bliss through guided breathing, meditation, and visualization.

The guiding principles behind both Chelsea’s personal practice and the way she shares it are: “yoga is the ultimate tool for self-regulation” and “yoga is a system of continued refinement.” These mantras drive her to share yoga with children as young as 18 months, and adults of any life stage and ability level as she believes her dharma is to connect the world with these simple, yet profound, gifts.  Chelsea is a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher and offers workshops and training to help others step into the role of sharing yoga with children.

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