The Room to Breathe Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2019 presents…

Capstone Projects



Jane Zawadowski presents Between the Mats: Head to yoga class to connect with what is "alive" in your body and life (thoughts, life situation, feelings), or with what is making life less than wonderful, or what you'd like to celebrate that is wonderful in your life. In class, Jane guides you through physical yoga poses appropriate for your level, for an interwoven experience involving body and soul. Next in class,  you may cross over the yoga mat and connect in a guided conversation with a partner. Jane's students learn and practice gently with their heart in self exploration and connection with another. We round out class with a series of integrative postures to help you embody whatever shift or deepened self-awareness you experienced during class. Jane's intention is for you to leave class feeling more refreshed and re-balanced, more grounded within yourself and in community, in body, mind and soul. Yoga as a healing practice is thousands of years old. The nourishing power of body-based techniques have been explored through yoga, tai qi, massage, many other kinds of body work, and, in modern times, sensory integration treatment modalities. Likewise, the power of empathy, of connecting to what resonates deeply in you and/or another person's emotional system has been shown as effective for transformation. Through Room to Breathe's Psychologically-sensitive yoga teacher training, Jane has been inspired to integrate her practice of Nonviolent Communication with yoga. Pursuing certification in both of these healing arts has been a source of joy and a committed path for Jane for years. In class, Jane creates a pathway that leads students to nourish themselves and others in both body and mind, experiencing integrative benefits as students on the mat and through life. Sunday, June 9, 10am

Elizabeth Webb presents: Restorative Movement and Mindful Breathing: Approachable Yoga for Stressed-Out Students

Are you feeling stressed out?? Have you wanted to try Yoga but have been intimidated or weary in the past? You are not alone!

Students today face ever-increasing levels of stress that are causing burnout, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other mental and physical imbalances that can get in the way of enjoying life. Many of us have heard that Yoga can help but are often hesitant to practice because we fear we are not flexible enough, athletic enough, or “Zen” enough.

Restorative Movement and Mindful Breathing may just be the Yoga that your mind and body need!  Join us for this accessible and approachable Restorative Yoga class that will help melt your worries away. We use gentle movement, breathing, and meditation techniques that are sure to leave you calmer and more grounded than when you walked in the door. Sunday, June 30, 3p.

Suzette Hammond presents Yoga with Plush: A practice for the young and soft at heart: In this playful, fuzzy workshop, practice gentle movement and flow with your best friend as your spotter and partner, while soothing your whole nervous system from the ground up. Includes a focus on healthy movement for the spine, hips/lower back, and heart opening, following the path of our early life chakra development. Practice concludes with a snuggly guided relaxation. Bring a notebook for personal journaling, and also a favorite plush pet from home as your partner. If you'd like to practice but don't currently have a pet, plenty of extra plush friends will be at the workshop for back-up assistance and cheerful presence. Sunday, July 14, 12p

Grace Bishop presents Yoga with a Nonviolent Communication Twist: Sunday, July 14, 10a, offsite (email for location)

Naomi Wachs presents Yoga for a Quiet Mind: A Group for Stress Reduction. In our busy, constantly moving modern world, we are often challenged by our busy minds, which struggle to slow down and rest, even when we need it most. As a capstone project for YTT at Room to Breathe, join Naomi Wachs in a lecture and yoga class that explores the mind-body connection and how to connect with and slow down our internal processes, hopefully achieving a greater sense of balance and stress reduction in daily life. Friday, July 19 @ 4p @Connections Health in Evanston.

Presented by the first psychologically-sensitive certified yoga teachers!